Vastu for West Facing House

Vastu for West Facing House

West facing houses are associated good luck and success. Vastu shastra studies show that all directions are good, however west facing hose have somehow become a third choice for house constructions. Here are some tips on vastu for west facing houses.


Vastu for West Facing House – Open Spaces:

The amount of open spaces left in front that is on the west side of the house should be minimum. The hose can be along the road with open space in the back part of the house.


Vastu for West Facing House – Windows and Doors:

When following vastu for west facing hose, the main door should be towards the western side that is it can be in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th pada.

The 1st and 2nd pada may be used if need be however the south western side is a strict no as per vastu rules.

Windows facing north and east are considered favorable.


Vastu for West Facing House – Master Bedroom:

As per vastu, the master bedroom should be in the southwest part of the house. In a multi-story house the bedroom should be on the top floor and should be occupied by the head of the family.

Sleeping with head towards the north will cause a disturbed sleep and nightmares.


Vastu for West Facing House – Kitchen:

The kitchen should be in the north-west or south-east part of the house for a west facing house. South east is preferable.


Vastu for West Facing House – Puja Room:

Puja rooms should be in the northeast for a west facing house with face towards the west while praying.


Vastu for West Facing House – Other rooms:

Living room: The living room in a west facing house should be ideally in the northeastern part of the house and is considered lucky.

Bathrooms & Lavatories: In a west facing house, bathrooms should not be in the southwest. Water taps should be the west direction.

Guest room: the guest room in a west facing house should be in the northwest.

Balcony: Rays of sunshine are beneficial for the house hence balconies should be in the north and east.

Septic tank: A septic tank cannot be in the southwest part of the house.

Kid’s bedroom: It can be in the northwest, west or south.

Vastu for West Facing House- Tips:

A plot sloping from south to north is favorable as per vast shastra.

A plot with extension in the south or southwest should not be bought as it brings bad luck and can lead to financial problems.

The placement of bed shouldn’t be in the middle of any bedroom.

Stairways should be in the south, west or southwestern portion of the house.

A water storage system in the front portion is a serious vastu defect. It should be constructed in the eastern or northern part of the back side of the house.

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