Vastu for South Facing House

South facing houses have for a long time been considered inauspicious as south is the direction of the Lord of Death – Yamaraj. However vastu complaint south facing houses are known to bring wealth. A lot of celebrities and affluent people live in south facing plots.


Vastu for South Facing House – Open Spaces:

According to vastu shastra, there should be more open space in the north and east than the south side of the house. Houses not following this may suffer disharmony and imbalance in the family.


Vastu for South Facing House – Windows and Doors:

The main or the entrance door of the house should be in the south side of the property or the 4th pada (Step). A main door facing exactly south is good for wealth and prosperity.

The door can be extended towards the east side including the padas 3rd, 2nd and 1st. The west side of the house, or the padas from 6th to 9th should be avoided by all means. It is considered highly inauspicious.

Plan windows and balconies towards north and east of a south facing house.


Vastu for South Facing House – Master Bedroom:

As per vastu a south facing house should have the master bedroom in the Southwest part of the house. Do not compromise on directions for the sake of front elevation design.

Avoid bedrooms in the north-eastern part of the house.

If the house has more than one floor, the master bedroom should be ideally placed on the top floor.


Vastu for South Facing House – Kitchen:

The kitchen should be in the south-east or north-west part of the house.

One should be facing east (in SE kitchen) or west (in NW kitchen) while cooking.

Above all kitchens adjacent to toilets are to be avoided.


Vastu for South Facing House – Study Room & Puja Room:

Puja rooms should be in the northeast for a south facing house.

Study room can be in the northeast, northwest, east and west with study tables kept against an eastern wall. Having an adjacent study room and puja room is especially lucky.


Vastu for South Facing House – Other rooms:

Living room: The living room in a south facing house should be in the northeastern part of the house.

Kid’s bedroom: The perfect location for a kid’s bedroom is the northeastern or northwestern direction with windows opening towards north.

Bathrooms & Lavatories: In a south facing house, by no means should a toilet be in the NE part. It should be either in the west or the south wit drainage towards the north-east.

Guest room: the guest room in a south facing house should be in the northwest which is always considered very auspicious for unmarried women.


Vastu for south facing house- Tips:

A staircase in the northeast can lead to loss of money and is to be avoided by business families.

Make a higher boundary for the south and west side of the house.

If drainage outlets flow in northeast direction, children will be more successful in their career and score better at school.

Avoid big trees and heavy plant pots in the northeastern part of the house.

Kitchen should never be in the southern part of the house.

A study room in the southwest corner improves financial conditions of the owner.

The following are to be avoided in the southwestern corner – car parking, garden, water tank and septic tank.

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