Vastu for Northwest Facing House

Vastu for Northwest Facing House

Being the direction of Vayu, a northwest facing house is believed to bring fame to its occupants and they shall make scientific developments. He is also responsible for embryo or fetus formation. Thus a vastu defect may cause abortions.


Vastu for Northwest Facing House – Open Spaces:

In Northwest facing house, the major directions fall in the opposite corner of the site. The strength of such a house is weak compared to regular properties.

Leaving more open space in the north-east zone of the house while making constructions is advised.

Leave equal space on southeast and northwest parts of the house.

Minimum space at south-west part of the plot will improve the vastu strength of the house.


Vastu for Northwest Facing House – Windows and Doors:

North West facing door is not considered inauspicious. It brings health, wealth and prosperity when supported by other vastu rules. The main male member of the house may remain out of the house for longer time if the door faces west and a female if the door faces north.

Numbers of doors and windows should be even in the house.

Windows in the north and east are preferable.

Any extensions in a northwest facing house are to be avoided except towards the northeast up to 10%.


Vastu for Northwest Facing House – Master Bedroom:

As per vastu, southwest is the corner of the owner thus the master bedroom should be in the southwest part of the house.

North-west room is good for new couple and their children provided if the family has elder people.

It is advisable for young and marriageable girls to be rest in North-western room.


Vastu for Northwest Facing House – Kitchen:

A North-West facing properties should have fire elements i.e. kitchen, etc. in the south-east zone.

To attain prosperity and health north-west corner should be utilized efficiently and no kitchen should be constructed here.


Vastu for Northwest Facing House – Puja Room:

Puja rooms should be in the northeast for a northwest facing house with face towards the east while praying.


Vastu for Northwest Facing House – Other rooms:

Living room: The living room in a northwest facing house should be ideally in the northeast part of the house.

Bathrooms & Lavatories: In a northwest facing house, bathrooms can be either in the southwest or the west. Bathrooms in the northeast are a strict no.

Balcony: Rays of sunshine are beneficial for the house hence balconies should be in the north east or east.

Multi-story: The master bedroom should be on the upper floor and there should be more construction towards the back side.

Septic tank: A septic tank in the northeast part is a vastu defect and therefore should be avoided.

Children’s bedroom: the most suited direction for kid’s bedroom is the east.


Vastu for Northwest Facing House- Tips:

Vastu remedies like vastu brass helix and wind chimes (Vaayu God is the lord of the northwest) can be a big help in enhancing north-west facing properties.

Any extension or projection in the north-west corner has an impact on business and wealth.

Avoid plots at T junctions.

Northwest facing plots are good for child rearing and helps ease delivery in women however any defect in this direction can lead to abortions and other mishaps in women.

North-west helps women inmates in gaining higher social status and become leaders.

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