Vastu for North Facing house

The direction north is that of Lord Kubera – The God of wealth, thus according to Vastu for the north facing house it is favorable and attracts a profusion of riches elevating material opulence.

Locations of the main door, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living area, etc. are simple arrangements to consider in a north facing house.


Vastu for North Facing house – Open Spaces:

For a house an open space refers to the distance between the house (the building) and the main property boundary:

⦁             Open spaces in the north, east and north-east are considered lucky and bring success, prosperity, happiness and wealth.

⦁             Open spaces in the south, south-west and west are dangerous. As per vastu shastra, they are known to bring illness, accidents and failure.

⦁             Open terraces/Balconies should be facing north with maximum construction towards the south of the house.



Vastu for North Facing house – Master Bedroom:

⦁             As per vastu a north facing house should have the master bedroom in the Southwest part of the house.

⦁             Avoid bedroom in the north-eastern part of the house.

⦁             If the house has more than one floor, the master bedroom should be ideally placed on the top floor.


Vastu for North Facing house – Kitchen:

⦁             The kitchen should be in the south-east or north-west part of the house.

⦁             One should be facing east (in SE kitchen) or west (in NW kitchen) while cooking.

⦁             Avoid kitchens adjacent to toilets.


Vastu for North Facing house – Study Room & Puja Room:

⦁             Puja rooms should be in the northeast .

⦁             Study room can be in the northeast, northwest, east and west with study tables kept against an eastern wall.

⦁             Having an adjacent study room and puja room is especially lucky.

Vastu for North Facing house.


Other rooms:

⦁             Living room: The living room in a north facing house should be in the northeastern part of the house.

⦁             Kid’s bedroom: The perfect location for a kid’s bedroom is the northeastern or northwestern direction with windows opening towards north.

⦁             Bathrooms & Lavatories: In a north facing house, by no means should a toilet be in the NE part. It should be either in the west or the south wit drainage towards the north-east.

⦁             Guest room: the guest room in a north facing house should be in the northwest which is always considered very auspicious for unmarried women.


Vastu for North Facing house – Windows and Doors:

⦁             Any location facing north for the entrance door of a north facing house is not going to be harmful. Although it’s best placed in the middle of the house or in the 5th Pada (step).

⦁             The best location is the middle; however space towards the north-east may be used. There should be at least a 6 inches gap between the door and the north east corner wall.

⦁             The west corners of the house facing north are to be avoided and should be used if there are no other options.

⦁             The main door of the house should always be larger than the other doors.

⦁             The door should open to a wall and no other door.

⦁             Maximum of the windows should be facing north side or east side of the house.

⦁             Avoid arch on door or window as it is considered ill-fated.


Vastu for north facing house- Tips:

⦁             Doors should always open to walls and should be in the north or east.

⦁             house with main door facing lifts are not considered auspicious.

⦁             Ideal height of room is 12 to 14 foots and should be at the same level throughout the house.

⦁             Buildings located at a T-junction are to be avoided.

⦁             Septic tanks at the northeast and southwest corners are not considered lucky.

⦁             A toilet, staircase, wall, kitchen or pillar in the centre of the north facing house is considered a serious vastu defect.

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