Transforming cities & their skylines

The past decade has been a witness to rapid innovations in architecture transforming ghost cities to urbane world-class skylines. As land gets expensive the buildings get taller. A phenomenon that contributes to the emerging skyscrapers across the world particularly in India as it strives to accommodate an ever increasing population.

Iconic buildings and monuments like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, New York’s empire state building and the world trade centers, highest number of skyscrapers in Singapore, the Shanghai tower all add to the uniqueness of the city’s skyline.

American cities – the forerunner of modern skylines


This US city is home to 300 skyscrapers, 70 of which measure over 400 ft making it the third tallest skyline in the world. The ongoing projects including the Brickell projects are bound to make this city’s skyline nothing short of mesmerizing.


The breathtaking skyline of New York encompassing the magnificent Empire State Building, the one World Trade Centre with all its emotional value has long been the definition of an ultra-modern city. The charm of the city is best described by Ayn Rand when she says, “I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline.”

03. DUBAI -The City that standout

The speed at which this painstakingly engineered city transformed is difficult to conceptualize. In a span of 20 years this city went from an empty desert quarter to the world’s tallest skyline. The tallest building of the world, the Burj Khalifa along with the beautifully constructed high risers along the Jumeira beach makes this city a mesmerizing example of revolutionary architecture.

04. SINGAPORE-Skyline of the world’s most expensive city

The most awed as well envied Marina Bay Sands distinguishes the city’s skyline from all other cities in the world. The MBS is visited by about 40 million people annually, an average of 110000 people daily. The MBS changed not only the city’s skyline but also brought this city on the global map making it the most expensive city in the world to live in.


The Cities of Asia have grown massively over the past few years greatly due to globalization and advancements in technology and infrastructure.

01. MUMBAI – the high-rise capital of India

Mumbai, the country’s high rise capital and rightfully so as it increased permitted height of building to accommodate the rising population in the city. The two imperial towers, the beautifully constructed Ahuja tower, the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel and the under construction Lodha World Towers put India on the list of the high risers of the world with 117 floors.

02. Japan and China

The skyline of Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai seem endless. They have been on the forefront of development with flawlessly fast lifts that scale floors in a matter of seconds.

EUROPE – blending history and innovation

The European skyline is a perfect blend of its Georgian past with today’s cutting edge architecture. Cities like Frankfurt and Rotterdam give the historical continent a modern touch while Paris and Italian cities hold on to its magnificent past.

Australia – all set to get taller

Australia’s apartment towers are surpassing records. Melbourne alone is home to over 100 towers scaling above 100 meters. The under-construction South Bank would reach a height of 300 + meters. The country is all set to become the high-rise capital of the world with over 100 projects under construction.

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