British Architecture – Colonizing in Delhi and Mumbai

Under the control of the European colonial powers, there were several impacts on the architecture of the country like all other aspects of the society. The Dutch, the Portugese and the French all make their presence felt through the buildings each mounted up however none of them had such a profound impact as did the English. Initially the architecture was mostly Colonial but it later transformed into what today is called Indo-Saracenic Architecture. This type of architecture is a mix of the traditional Indian Architecture, Islamic architecture and the Western influenced architecture.

01. India Gate –

Among the most prominent structures created by the British is the India Gate which was built as the All-India War Memorial Arch. It was completed in 1931 by the famous British architect, Edward Lutyens. There were over 70000 soldiers both British and Indian that were killed in the World War I and the India Gate was built to commemorate their deaths.

02. Parliament House –

Edward Lutyens and Herbert Baker together designed the iconic Parliament House, which was initially called the House of Parliament. It was inaugurated by Lord Irwin in 1927 and it still holds parliament sessions.

03. Rashtrapati Bhavan –

Also, a work of the British architect Edward Lutyens, the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi was the erstwhile residence of the British viceroys.

04.Supreme Court of India –

It is built on a 22-acre plot and was designed by Ganesh Bhikaji Deolalikar, who was also the first Indian to head CPWD. It is shaped to project the images of scales as a symbol of justice.

05. Gateway of Mumbai –

The gateway of India was built to welcome King George V in 1911. This majestic structure is the most popular tourist attraction and hosts a lot of tourists every day and therefore is sometimes referred to as “Taj Mahal of Mumbai”.

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