Finest White Sofa Ideas – Living Room Decoration Ideas for White Sofas

There is a fine line between ordinary and attractive when it comes to decorating a white sofa. White is the only color that goes well with most themes thus making it easy to re-decorate for a new look. However it is a tricky business to select the right décor. Here are some living room designs that got it right.

An otherwise plain monochromatic living room and white sofa gets a boost from vivid green cushions that make the look lively and soothing. 

A modern white sofa got a cheery upgrade with the blue armchair anchored by neutral brown furniture.

This white sofa gets a hipster look with patterned pillows and quirky décor making this living room a different and trendy one.

A completely white sofa is paired with an earthy rug to give a lavish feel to the living room. The low furniture adds modernity to the room with the table serving as the perfect center piece.

Starting off with a completely white palette for the wall and the sofa, droplets of white color is added in the form of bright colored linen and wall décor. This playful look with popping colors is something to experiment with.

Create an escape with cushions and cozy throws in warm white hues. Don’t fear the monochrome. Different shades of white on a white sofa works marvelously for this living room.

This white couch is a perfect ladylike one when accompanied with pink accents in the form of cushions and a pink rug that completes the girly look of this living room.

Opt for a simple black and white look with a patterned cushion for our white sofa.

Think bright and citrus adding a splash of yellow to the living room with a white sofa.

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