Designs for your at-home workplace

01. Find your view

You’re likely to spend a lot of time at this home office so don’t stiff up in a windowless tiny space. Position your office where you can get a better view than a plain wall. A window’s natural light is ideal.

02. Creamy Palette

Put together this cozy workspace awash in layers of cream and ivory that give a comfy and welcoming feel.

03. Blue accents

Add some bright colors like blue or red to a simplistic design with colored posters and make working at home fun-filled. Get a world view by hanging a vintage map or an outlined map like the one above.

04. A Tidy Space

Convert an un-used guestroom into this spacious office. The glass cupboards balance the modern lines of the writing desk and the lamps giving it a neat look. White makes it look even more spacious. Keep your files and books at reach in this tidied up cupboard.

05. Office Nook

Add vibrancy to a small and comfortable office with the well matched painting in light tones. Use white or lighter tones to give an illusion of spaciousness to a cramped place.

06. Red Hue

Create a contemporary office like look with black and red against a white backdrop and get in the zone of work. This look is also well suited for the ones who have in-house meetings.

07. Creative Organization

Use an apt mix of colors and furniture to make up a truly creative place. A side rack with drawers and the panel above will help keep you files and book collections carefully stowed away.

08. Use Colors

Forget traditional office colors, use colors that get you to work. For some people, that may be a bright and cheerful color like yellow or orange and for others a calming color like botanical green – whatever gets you working.


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