Decorations to Hang – Ideas to Liven up a Room

Hanging something up on the wall is undoubtedly the easiest of ways to add color and vibrancy to the wall of any room. A big windowless wall can be a perfect canvas to unleash your creativity with ingeniously done up wall hangings. Don’t let the blank space get wasted! Here are some décor ideas with wall hangings that will liven up any space.

Perk up a Bare Wall –

Perk up a bare wall with this dream-catcher wall hanging. It is also considered auspicious to have dream-catchers at home as it is believed that as the first rays of the morning light hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would disappear. It has now become a decorative trend.

Decorative Lighting –

You may seek them for their functionality, but decorative wall light fixtures are perfect for fashioning up any room in the house, from the hall to the bedroom.

A Coffee-lover’s Wall Décor –

This coffee-lover’s wall hanging is the ideal decorative piece to display if the first thing you crave for in the morning is a steaming hot cup of coffee. This is also an ideal décor idea to put up around the coffee-corner of the house.

Plant-hangings –

Bring nature to your home with these amazing wall hanging plants. The pots containing indoor plants can be easily suspended with macramé ropes to create an ideal decorative piece.

Origami Wall Hanging –

Often associated with Japanese culture, Origami is traditionally an art of paper folding and is believed to bring good luck. Regardless of the origin, Origami décor has become increasingly popular.

Letter Box Decorations –

This small wall hanging works perfectly with the brick wall and creates a good rustic look.

Nautical Décor –

The ideal sailor’s pad is completed with the anchor wall hanging giving a marine look to the room.



The macramé décor has been gaining traction yet again and is quite a fad. From handmade crochets to designer décor pieces, the market is huge for macramé décor ideas. Here are some ideas to drive home.

Hanging plants and soft toys in macramé décor is also a brilliant concept to implement.

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