Bathroom Décor Ideas – Quick & Easy

An odd touch can transform a room from dreary to designer. If you’re bored of dealing with an outdated bathroom design and wish for a change, here are some bathroom décor ideas that are reasonably priced and simple to implement.

1. Re-vamp the bathroom by accessorizing with some baskets for linen and laundry bags. This is a simple décor that can add sophistication to the bathroom.

2. Adding dramatic and unconventional lighting is a good way to change the feel of the bathroom. From a warm yellow tinge of chandeliers to a dramatic bright lighting with hanging lights by the mirror, there are a lot of looks to experiment with.

3. Adding plants is also a brilliant bathroom décor idea. One may hang potted plants or place them by the window. Indoor plants in the bathroom are not only good décor but they are also considered auspicious and bring good luck and prosperity.

4. Add sophisticated accessories like designer hand-wash containers and some quirky pot-pourri. This bathroom décor with pot-pourri also gives a pleasant fragrance to the bathroom giving it a spa like look and feel.

5. Use candles and scents like lemon grass to add calm to the bathroom décor. The tiredness and worries are all washed away along with the physical dirt. One may also add decorative pieces like the one featured in the image.

6. Colorful textured tiling is a bathroom décor that never quite goes out of style. This blue textured design is quite a lively one and helps in uplifting the mood of the room.

7. A Bathroom curtain separating the washing area from the vanity and lavatory is a pretty addition. It’s not only convenient but it’s one of those bathroom décor ideas that go with almost everything. Invest in a good bathroom curtain.

8. A rug can change the feel of an otherwise boring bathroom and make it feel more sophisticated and is also pretty useful to have especially if you hate cold bathroom floors.

9. Bring life into an otherwise simple bathroom by using bright colorful linen. The good thing about this is that one change the look of the bathroom by just experimenting with the linen.

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