9 unique wall-shelves

Making organizing fun, these shelves are exciting ideas to solve the necessity of storage and add a decorative centre piece to the room. Shelves are a prerequisite whether in the kitchen, living room or the bedroom to help keep things orderly. Here is a compilation of some mesmerizing designs ranging from minimalistic industrial to bucolic and contemporary.

A Hanging Shelf:

A wooden piece hanging from ropes is a unique design for a shelf and goes well with the brick texture wall. This proves as a distinguished way to keep books and small indoor plants.

Intersecting Shelves:

This shelf design is not only decorative but is also highly functional, with divided sections to keep it organized and neat. The intersections can be useful to keep things handy.

Triangular sections:

Symmetry adds organization to the room whether it is the placement of things or their designs. These 4 triangular shelves placed together to create a bigger triangle is a perfect example of symmetrical design. As exemplified, it is simple to further accent the shelf by tucking trinkets or curios inside the triangles.

Urban Library:

Accentuate the wall with custom-made bookshelves for a beyond doubt one-of-a-kind design. This customized unit is a great idea to keep your storage organized.


These hexagonal shelves are minimalistic, geometry-inspired and ideal for a modish Scandinavian look, quite a place to keep all those knick-knacks.

Standalone Shelf

Ditch the traditional wall shelves with this designer book-stand that accommodates all the accessories and electronics of all sizes. Give it a chic feeling with small indoor plant pots and vases.

Bedside stand:

Replace the conventional bed-side table with this splendid ladder-like standing shelf that has room for books, night lamp and an indoor plant.

Simple Shelf:

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. This cupboard shelf look is a classic and fits in well with most rooms, an organized clutter-free to keep things.

Cosmopolitan look:

Enjoy the mix of closed and open shelves, an ideal fit for the ones looking for functional modern shelves. Arrange these squares and rectangle shapes shelves to create a unique art gallery.



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